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Bright Future For Kids specializes in building self-confidence and motivation which help students improve academic and characters skills that are necessary to succeed in school and life. 


Bright Future for Kids is committed to shaping students’ lives as they strive to be responsible, productive leaders in the community. 


Our vision is to establish a program which will help all students achieve their academic and personal goals through the acquiring of skills, knowledge, and support that will promote and enhance learning. 


  Our Goals:


  • Provide an individualized plan for students to achieve academic and personal goals

  • Enhance literacy by improving reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing and critical thinking skills

  • Imbed literature and discussions about social and moral issues into literacy curriculum

  • Build and strengthen math skills through technology and other resources

  • Improve learning skills, and prepare students for postsecondary education and the labor market

  • Develop leadership and a sense of achievement through knowledge and motivation


Bright Future for Kids will accomplish their mission and vision by educating, equipping and addressing the needs of the total child throughout the year in the areas of academics, critical thinking skills, social/moral development.





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