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Study Skills / Test Prep


Study Skills:


Doing well in school is more than just knowing how to take notes or study for a test. This study skill workshop will empower students to build great habits that will last a lifetime. 


Test Preparation for: Milestone, ITBS, GED, ASVAB, and college entrance exams.



Students will:


  1. Explore their abilities and interest and recognize the talent they possess.

  2. Learn the fundamental skills necessary for school success, such as:

    • Setting goals, organization, and time management

    • Active reading and listening strategies

    • Effective note-taking and test-taking strategies

    • How to record their progress and interact with teachers

    • Research effectively and be safe online

  3. Learn sufficient skills to pass standardized tests. 






$200 For Six Sessions (One Hour Each)

Covington Tutoring
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